Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Gift Basket Challenge

     October is right around the corner! All the stores are putting out their halloween decorations and costumes are dawning the shevles of markets everywhere! Its time for me to start on my Halloween Gift Baskets! I think the first one is going my brother J.S. who is away at college. This year I plan on getting a healthy dose of crochet into the gift giving.
     Halloween is one of my favorite holidays and I always love to whip up lots of great crafts for it! Halloween means gifts of decorations for my whole list of loved ones, costumes for my friends and I, knitted sweaters and hats for my baby cousins who visit every year from Florida, sewn candy bags and gift baskets for everyone! If I'm going to get to all the projects on my list I gotta start now!

First on the list:

Amigurumi Candy Corn by Lion Brand Yarn
You can find the pattern here

I love this little pillow thing! Its cute and pretty funny! These little crochet candy corns look like they will crochet up supah quick and make a great gift basket filler. Plus, they will make great decorations for my brothers dorm room (as if he wants decorations haha). Everybody is getting one of these things.

Keeping in the candy corn spirit...

Candy Corn Dishcloth By Linda Buntin
You can find the pattern here


I can't wait to start knitting these cute little dish cloths! Quick, easy, and adorable! These will go great in a couple mini gift baskets to friends and family with kitchens!! I want a couple for myself too!

Skull Trick or Treat Bag By Lily/Sugar'n Cream

These will be perfect for the little ones! And look! More crochet!

Dulce De Leche Pumpkin Cupcakes By by Jamieanne
You can find the recipe here


These look like a TON of fun to make. Its still a little too early to get into the baking mood, but I am so looking forward to it. The spider web design is pure genius.

Ghoulish Petits Fours By Martha Stewart
Find the recipe here

Ghoulish Petits Fours

Say what you want about Martha, shes still my hero. These little guys are so cute and will be pefect additions to the treats in my gifty baskets. I so love halloween just for this reason!

I cannot wait to get started on all these great ideas. I'm looking forward to the decorations too. I'll post pics as things start to come together!

Remember my Girl Friday Cardigan from way back at the beginning of summer, well I've been draggin my feet on finishing it. I just wanted to give a quick update and let you know I'm about 70% done! Just one more sleeve and the button band to go!