Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Review! Gotta Have It

The Knitting Answer Book
By: Margaret Radcliffe
ISBN-13 : 978-1-58017-599-9

This little book is a reference guide for literally hundreds of techniques. Unlike so many other reference books, this one provides clear concise directions (with pictures too!) with an air of fun and whimsy. This little book has a permanent place in my knitting bag and I literally never leave home (with my knitting stuff) with out it. It covers everything from needle sizes, yarn weights, terms and abbreviations advanced techniques like garment shaping and button holes to beading. The thing that really sets this book apart from the rest is the wealth of tips and tricks it gives in every chapter. I was surprised when the book fell open to a page with detailed instructions for making a string tool for beads out of fishing line or dental floss. I was even more impressed when I found the section adjusting patterns and fixing garments after you have finished them!

Hands down. This book is one of my favorite reference guides and I recommend it to anyone (beginner or seasoned knitter) to keep in their bags at all times. You never know when a problem will pop up and I can assure you, this little book, just like the cover says, has a solution to every problem you'll ever face.

You can find the book for purchase HERE at Amazon.com.
Definitely worth the money.

This book has been officially added to KnitSpiffy's favorites list.

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