Monday, July 12, 2010

Skein 1 Complete

    I finally finished my bamboo top! Its roughly 200 yards of 100% bamboo top spun into a nice lace weight. It is currently undyed but I have some big plans for it. I was going to ply with a thinker yarn and do some two tone colors, but I really like the thickness as it is now and might just keep it. I could maybe start working on one of the shawls in my queue.
 I'm really happy with the way this skein turned out. Its probably the most consistent yarn I've spun up to this point and I love the feel of the bamboo fibers. Its hopefully going to dye up great and I'm thinking about doing a berry purple color on it. I have 6 o.z. of bamboo left and I think I'll spin them all up and dye the lot together.
I'm spinning for teams Spindlers and Rookies for the Tour De Fleece and I'm so excited to be able to post my first complete skein of the tour. I've got roughly 11 more o.z. to go and if I'm going to finish on time I'm seriously gonna have to step up my pace. For the last leg of the TDF I'm going to spin my Tie-Dye merino top. For the last part of the tour on July 25th we are supposed to spin something difficult (since the corresponding leg of the Tour De France is the most difficult part of the race) so I'm planning on spinning up my tie-dyed merino top. I found that it seemed to have gotten a little matted during the dyeing process and is difficult to draft. I think next time I dye merino roving I'll use a different method and hopefully avoid the matting problem.

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