Tuesday, August 10, 2010


     I am officially dedicating the month of August to quilting. I ventured to learn to quilt a few years ago but never got around to picking up the needle. This time I'm determined to learn and excited to start. I found this great little local shop called Common Threads Quilt Shoppe where I began my adventure.
The owner was THE most helpful and nice lady basically ever. I came in with all these questions and she answered each and every one with out pressuring me to buy anything I wouldn't desperately need. She gave me some batting free of charge to help me get started and suggested a book to help me learn the process. She even offered to sit down with me for a few hours if I still needed help after giving taking a look at the book. I signed up for her newsletter and will most likely be attending a class or two that she runs. I just love stores like this. I will definitely be back again.
In the spirit of quilting month, I threw together some pieces of scrap fabric I had laying around the house into a pattern of 3"x3" squares.  I'll post some more pictures of this adventure.

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