Friday, November 12, 2010

Baby Dress Take....5,000

      This baby dress has been a nightmare. A LITERAL night mare. First I couldn't find a pattern I liked, then I found a pattern, started it, hated, frogged. Found another pattern, started, hated, frogged. Then I decided to just wing it, was going along nicely, broke my ONLY pair of size 7 circs, while I was at the store buying new ones, my cats unraveled nearly the entire project. So attempt number 4 picked ANOTHER pattern, didn't really care for it but kept knitting anyways only to finish the entire dress and find that it was TOO small for the now 6 month old baby. Again...frogged. JUST began attempt number 5 with a pattern I thought I would like got like 3 inches in and found that i had twisted the stitches around the needles. -_-' uuugh. Frogged. This one I actually didn't feel too bad about because as I was knitting I really didn't like the way the yarn (SAME YARN THROUGH THIS WHOLE THING TOO!) was showing the pattern.

So this is where I am right now.....

(My cats, during their unravelling party, ripped the yarn in half...thus the 2 balls.)

So for my 6th attempt I think I'm going to do a custom pattern. Just as soon as I can get over the tragic loss of all that time put into this dress I'll write a brand spanking new pattern. 6th time is the charm! (Hopefully)

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