Monday, November 15, 2010

Cookies, Socks and Skirts.

     Last night I made the trip home and visited my mom for the evening. I havn't seen the family in what feels like forever so it was a nice change of pace. We baked cookies (lots of cookies) and I was able to bring a few home to JB. The pecan tarts are my favorite followed closely by my mother's famous Winter White Fudge. Soooo delicious. We also made M&M's choclate chip cookies, sugar cookies (complete with "stained glass" sugar windows), chocolate no-bakes and peppermint bark. I know its barely halfway through November but we got into the Christmas baking spirit early. Its about time to start decorating too! Soo excited.

Its a little late, but I forgot to post this picture earlier. Since were on the baking topic, my younger cousins (2 and 4 years old) and I decorated cupcakes for halloween!

I've got a whole list of projects lined up to decorate my house with. Speaking of projects, even though I had a busy weekend I did get a little bit of knitting done.

I've got a good start on my Toe-Up socks. I'll post the pattern when I'm done (still working out a few kinks). The tangled mess of yarn in the picture can be fully attributed to Snookie and Simba. They some how always know which yarn I'm using and tearing it apart.

I also obtained the yarn for 1 of my top secret projects. Its gorgeous, but last night my babies managed to throw it all over the house too. Brats. No worries though, I rescued it before too much damage had been done.

Some serious progress has been made on this baby dress. After the whole frogging saga I was beginning to doubt I woul ever get this thing made.

It's actually shaping up rather nicely. I've got several modifications in mind for the top and am getting excited about this project after all. I had to pick up an extra ball of this yarn since I was sure I would run out (I don't know how much I lost to all the frogging) and almost had a panic attack when it was no where to be found at the LYS. I checked T.J. Max and they had a similar yarn in the same the color. I'm sure once it's knitted up it no one will be the wiser!

On a totally different note...I recieved a big research grant from my school! I will be presenting at the undergraduate research conference in April! This is a pretty big thing for me and I'm super excited. I think this deserves a little celebration!

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