Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Happy Belated Labor Day

I know, I know, I'm a little late with this post. Super Sock Sunday on a Tuesday? What am I thinking?! Well I've had a poo-ey week. JB left for his big fishing trip and I had a whole 6 six days of knitting and quilting and studying planned. Things just never work out as planned though. Literally the moment he left, I got sick. I spent a couple days coughing and sneezing before visiting the doctor, who told me that I have bronchitis. Fun. I called off work 2 days in a row and got nothing done all week. JB returned home last night. So much for my productive week. :(

So since I don't have much to show you, I will simply update you on those Fisherman Socks I sent to Seattle with JB.

Here are the completed socks on my new wooden sock blockers! I finished these last week and just haven't gotten around to posting about them. If you'll notice, the one sock has 2 stripes and the other only 1. What's up with that? Well the true, honest answer is that I ran out of light gray yarn. For those of you wondering what the heck the leapord thing in the background is...thats my couch. I was just too lazy to find a better spot for a photo.

And thats all! Bad Olivia. But I'm siiiiiiiiick. Stop it. But I caaaaaaaaaaaaaan't.

Snookie wants her momma to spare you all her whineyness and go back to homework.

I will do some extra S.S.S. work this week to make up for Sunday! Bye bye!

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