Sunday, August 28, 2011

So close!

Hi everyone! First of all I just want to say that I hope all my my New England area readers are staying safe during all this awful weather we've been having. If you've battened down the hatches and stockpiled your bottled water and candles it makes for a good time to knit! Always optomistic right? Anyways I thought I should update you guys on my S.S.S. progress. I really have been knitting! I swear it!

     See! I'm almost done with my first pair! I'm kind of on a deadline with these though, since they will be flying across the country with JB next week. The first sock got finished on Tuesday or Wednesday 2 weeks ago and I waited until last Sunday to start the second one. I used every last inch of the yarn divided for the first sock so I'm getting nervous as I get towards the end. I should have exactly enough if my cats didn't secretly rip a chunk off and hide it while I wasn't looking. Simba and Snooks have been known to do that. They also like to chew my skeins in half. I'll be knitting along happily, thinking I have one big ball of yarn and then all of a sudden there is like 3 inches on a piece that was blending into the rest of the ball! Oh no! Who likes to piece together 50 million scraps of the same yarn in just one project? Not me.
     I'm going to try and do those blueberry waffle socks next, but I can't guarentee I will love that pattern for my cobblestone varegated yarn. We'll see how that goes. I'm still working on those 2 shawls and my adirondack socks during the week. They are really going much slower than I expected, but will eventually get done. I promise.

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