Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Sock 1

The alpaca socks I began for Super Sock Sunday are coming right along. While JB has been interrupting my "Say Yes To The Dress" addiction with football, I've been diligently knitting these socks. He is flying to Seattle in September for a big fishing trip and I'm knitting like crazy to get these socks done before he leaves. The fruits of my labor are beginning to show. I finished the first of the socks last night. I ran into some difficulties yesterday afternoon though. I got about an inch up the cuff of the sock when I realized I was just not going to have enough yarn to complete my project. I bought the yarn  over a year ago in Manhattan at Purl Soho and there was just no way I was ever going to find the same yarn in the right color ever again. One trip to my LYS and I had a solution. its a chunky baby alpaca yarn in a darker almost black gray. I got a little creative and worked the color change in so that I doesn't look like I just ran out of yarn.

Check out the pre-blocking Fisherman's socks.

The new darker yarn worked very well and it looks almost as though I meant to do it all the long! I'm excited to get started on the next one and get these finished! These will be perfect for a chilly romp in the icy mountain streams of Seattle, Washington in September.
But who can go to the yarn store and only buy 1 skein of yarn? Obviously not me. I found some wonderful yarn that was just screaming to become a part of Super Sock Sundays. And I also found some other yarn that was pretty pretty but I have no plans for it at the moment. It will get used eventually! Since my yarn stash has been severely depleted over the last couple months JB has given me permission to buy a FEW more skeins.

This is the Cobblestone sock yarn. Its this gorgeous mix of greens and yellows and oranges. I can't wait to make this into socks next week! You can see Simba peeking out from behind my leopard print couch! Hes been enjoying my pink craft corner just as much as I have.

My second last purchase was the Lion Brand Amazing yarn. Its variegated so beautifully but I have no idea what I'm going to make with it.

On another topic, I've been reading The Yarnarian's blog where she has been on a sewing kick for weeks (months?). Shes made the cutest quilts and doll clothing ever and I'm jealous. Really really jealous. She posted a picture of "The Farmer's Wife Quilt" that she's making, and I just couldn't stand it anymore. I had to make one of my own. I took a trip to a local fabric store and with her picture on my phone and went to picking out fabric of my own.

And this is what I came back with! Its not exactly the same colors she used, but I think they have the same feel. The white has little silver sparkles embedded in the fabric. The color scheme is subtle and quaint but the sparkles give it a little bit of flare that is reminiscent of me.

I've only got a few hours today before work, but I'm going to try to piece together a few blocks of this quilt. Maybe I'll just get it all cut out.

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