Monday, August 15, 2011

S.S.S. Kick Off!

     Yesterday was the first day of the 201l Super Sock Sunday KAL! I bet your wondering, "but you did all that work on your craft room yesterday! How could you have done any sock knitting? Glitter paint is time consuming!" Well my friends, you would be right. Glitter paint is indeed time consuming. And my white cubey shelf thing took me and my construction impaired self hours to assemble. However! I did fit some S.S.S. knitting in there! I'm so proud of myself! What excellent time management!

For the first gameday sock I'm doing sort of an original pattern. Sort of. Its more of a mash up between several different patterns in order to meet the needs of the wearer. JB is going on a fishing trip to Seattle, WA in about 2 weeks and has been begging for a pair of fishing socks for months. I'm using a natural gray shade of baby alpaca chunky yarn by Cascade Yarns in a toe up sock pattern. JB wants to wear these under his waders and needed a thick, warm sock. When I showed him patterns he noticed that most did not have a flat or unpatterned toe that came up far enough on the sock. Apparently his boots have a seam or something across the foot about 2.5 inches back from the toe that would make ribbing or a raised pattern there uncomfortable.

You can find my pattern here. Fisherman Socks Pattern

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