Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter Eggs Belong in Macaroni Salad

Happy Easter Everyone!

I colored eggs the other day to help JB and I get into the Easter spirit. JB apparently is not a fan of egg coloring. He participated long enough to remove the eggs from the stove while I was cleaning the bathroom and then wanted nothing to do with the whole process after that. I bought these "egg" cups from Wal-Mart for the dye, they turned out the be the most genius Easter invention ever. They were $.99 and came with 5 different colored plastic egg shaped containers with lines for water and vinegar. You just filled the cup with water up to the water line, then add vinegar until the liquid reaches the vinegar line. Drop in the dye tablet, dunk the egg and TaaaDaa! Colored eggs, no mess and you can throw out the plastic cups when your done. Clean up was so easy!

This morning while I was prepping for Easter Dinner, these poor eggs met their match. My pretty little eggs were sacrificed to the macaroni salad. At least they went to good use. Yum! JB loves macaroni salad although he will no doubt have something to say about the dyed egg pieces in it.

  All the eggs in a row, right before they became part of the macaroni salad! The green one and the yellow one on the end became deviled eggs.

Since JB and I have had to work all weekend and I've got class tomorrow morning, we couldn't make it out to see family for Easter dinner this year. I decided to make a nice dinner here anyways. I'm making a roasted chicken (its in the oven now! Smells delicious!) with lots of seasonings, covered in a little beer and some apple juice and stuffed with russet potatoes, celery, garlic, and carrots. This is the first whole chicken I have ever made (or even seen in person for that matter). I'm very proud of myself. Also on the menu we have home made mashed potatoes from scratch, green bean casserole, macaroni salad, deviled eggs, corn, a tossed salad with home made Italian dressing, baked dinner rolls, strawberry short cake with "made-from-scratch" whipped cream and a caramel apple pie (I definitely bought that pie). Top that all off with the mimosas we've been sipping all morning and we've got an Easter Celebration for sure! We will certainly have left overs for a few days. Cooking it all was fun though!

While the chicken is cooking and I'm in between baking dishes, I think I will start spinning that gorgeous merino I just bought. I'm still waiting on a second bag of fiber, hopefully it will come soon.
I bought this beautiful roving from Woolamina's Etsy store! I will certainly be shopping there again soon!

Aren't the colors just to "dye" for (lol)!? Its just beautiful and I'm so excited to start working with it! I have no idea what to make with the yarn once I spin it. Any suggestions?

It's the last week of classes and then straight into finals. I've been running around like crazy trying to get everything done so forgive me if I am lazy with my posts. Easter was a nice little break from all that work but now I've got to get right back to it! 

Happy Easter and Good Luck on finals to all my collegiate readers.

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