Wednesday, April 27, 2011


The "Yarnarian" is one of my favorite blogs. She always has something wonderful going on! The yarns she dyes are breathtaking and I long to someday be a blogger of her caliber! Anyways, while I was checking out her blog this morning I stumbled across a group she is supporting called A-Square-A-Day in-May.

The idea is to crochet 1 granny square a day for the entire month of may. It sounds like fun and will give me chance to brush up on my crocheting skills (anybody that has read my earlier posts will know that crocheting and I do not have a good history.)

I have a TON of scrap yarn laying around the house. This will be a good use for it all. I found this mini stash in a box in my closet! These are all leftovers from projects over the years. I will admit that I may have misrepresented the size of this stash in the photo. There was probably 6 times the depicted amount, I was embarrassed to show it all.

After digging through my many piles of yarn in search for some good scrap, JB came home. He took one look around and literally forbade me from bringing home anymore of it. "You are forbidden from bringing another piece of yarn into this house until at least some of it is gone". Sadly, this is actually a reasonable request.

So, I am ready for May! Lets get some serious knitting done so I can clear out my yarn stash and buy some more! Do I have a problem?

Simba doesn't think so.


Ruth said...

You are soooo nice. I don't know if I will have the time to do the block of crochet every day. I'm so swamped at the moment with 3 existing projects, one of which is that blankie.

But still, it does sound like tons of fun, doesn't it? I might have to force myself to hit my LYS tomorrow and get more yarn.

LivvyLove said...

I'm really working hard on it but is soooooooo difficult! Way harder than I expected it to be! I'm not very good at crocheting and I'm just having a heck of a time! You should see my current attempts at these squares. Sad really.