Thursday, May 26, 2011


My new needles came! I'm so excited! I love them! Size 4 (3.5), 5inch needles with stiletto tips. I have been thinking about getting them for like a year now and I finally decided to just do it! Aren't they pretty? The size 4s come in this gorgeous deep purple color. They arrived just in time too! As I was working on the Knitting Like Crazy Mystery Shawl my other circulars broke!

If you ever need some seriously cheap needles quickly, can totally hook you up. However...the circs don't last very long and the plastic tubing used in the circulars breaks easily. A full set of all sizes is very cheap and would make a great gift for a knitting newbie, but for more advanced knitters a higher quality product is invaluable. Hence my Signature Needle Arts needles! These things are made out of aircraft grade aluminum! Can you say heavy duty (at least I think air planes are heavy duty)?

 I've made some progress on my Vernal Equinox Surprise Shawl. I'm in the middle of clue 5 right now. The project is temporarily paused while I search the house for more stitch markers. I know I have a whole pile of them somewhere! I'm just not sure where.

This pattern is just gorgeous and I am really enjoying it. Each row is a little different and each clue is a whole different pattern. It keeps you on your toes. I am slowly but surely working through my yarn stash! I'm sure you noticed the quilters mat in the first couple pictures. JB's mom bought it for me for my birthday along with a rotary cutter. I've been playing around with some quilting techniques for the past few days. This time I'm using my sewing machine for all the piecing and it's turning out to be harder that I expected.

I had this great idea for a pretty quilt, but I honestly think I may have been a little too ambitious. Getting all those seams lined up right is actually very difficult! A while back when I was doing some hand quilting, the piecing was the easy part! All the decorative stitching was the hardest thing about it! It looks like it may be just the opposite with machine stitching!

You can see a few of the difficulties I have been having matching up the seams. My sewing machine doesn't have a quilting foot (I've been looking for one) so piecing may be even harder than usual...however...I am determined to master this!

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