Monday, May 9, 2011

It looks yummy!

As you know May has been dedicated to crocheting! I am on a journey to learn to crochet and add it to my crafting repertoire. I found this great blanket pattern that I've had in my queue for at least a year but never got to it because it was a crochet pattern. I just wasn't confident enough to attempt a blanket with such shaky crochet skills. Well after a few of these squares I'm feeling good, feeling a little ambitious and I found some perfect colors in my stash.  I'm jumping into this project (along with all the other stuff I'm diving into) feet first and starting this blanket! Its a simple pattern and its coming together quickly!

Lion Brand - LB Collection
Cotton Bamboo
52% Cotton 48% Bamboo
245 Yds ( 224 Meters)
Colors: #102 Cherry Blossom (Dye Lot 64587),
 #098 Magnolia (Dye Lot 63990),
 #126 Chocolate Dahlia (Dye Lot 63990)

The pattern I'm using is by Lion Brand, but it's a very simple design that I'm sure can be found in many other places. I saw a blanket crocheted in this pattern while I was at the Lion Brand Studio in Manhattan last year and just fell in love. I bought these cute colors not really knowing what to do with them and only now managed to put the two together. I only bought 1 skein of each color so I'm not sure how big this project can be. Maybe if I run out I'll see about looking for more of this yarn online. I really love this yarn. It feels really nice in your hands and is easy to work with. The only qualm I have is that it splits easily, but thats sort of expected from cotton and bamboo.

Here are the beginnings of my crocheted blanket! This morning's work yielded some excellent results! The colors are super cute. In fact I'd even go so far as to say they are "delicous". It looks like something you could eat. Maybe like saltwater taffy or something? I'm excited to continue working on it, but I have to get caught up on those squares!

To Do List:
  • 7 Squares for Square-A-Day-in-May
  • Finish next clue of the Vernal Equinox Surprise Shawl
  • Crocheted blanket
  • Knitting Like Crazy's Mystery Shawl KAL
  • Secret Project!
  • Prep for the Tour De Fleece!
This year I've got lots of great roving for the TDF. I'm still waiting on a few packages. When they come in I'll take pictures.

Lots of stuff is planned for this summer. The secret project is pretty big and as the summer progresses and the project comes together I'll let you all in on it. I vow to get through at least HALF of my yarn stash this summer. It really needs to be trimmed down and JB won't let me buy anymore until I use up some of the stuff I have. I'm excited to buy some great new stuff for fall so I gotta get through all these summer and spring colors first. Happy summer everyone!


Clarissa said...

:) Hey Liv- I saw your twitter and than it brought me to your blog and I love it :) I miss you :(

- Clarissa

LivvyLove said...

Aww thanks Clari! Hope your having a wonderful summer! We should get together sometime!