Friday, August 5, 2011

Catch Up

So it's been a little while since I last updated everyone on my projects. I thought today would be a wonderful time to do just that!

We'll start with the Knitting Like Crazy Knit Along Shawl. I started it what seems like forever ago and am nearing the finish line! I literally have like 15 rows to go. With all that's been going on this summer all of my projects have been coming along at a snails pace. Wednesday I got stopped halfway through a row (this basically killed me) so now the whole thing is in a jumbled mess. Its not REALLY a mess but i sure looks like one. At least I had time to mark where on the pattern I stopped. The whole shawl looks really tiny on the needles but I've been playing around with the fabric as I've been making it and found it to be very stretchy. I think once I get it blocked it will more than double it's current size. I can't wait to finish it. I haven't decided if I'll keep it or give it away yet but I'm super looking forward to freeing up those wonderful Signature Needle Arts circs and starting another lacey shawl. They are TONS of fun to knit.

This picture does the shawl no justice. The Color is off and it just looks messy. I really debated just not putting it up, but I wanted you to see that I have actually made a little teeny bit of progress! Besides, you'll get to see the whole thing when it is done in all of its green lacey splendor.

Well what about the Vernal Equinox shawl, you ask. We haven't seen that in a while! Well it seems like whenever I sit down to knit 15 minuets goes by and something comes up. For example, last night, I had just pulled out my needles and the VE shawl and two rows were knit, I was just beginning the 3rd and Simba threw up all over the kitchen floor (gross.) :( so knitting went away and I got to cleaning. Then after I cleaned up the kitchen JB got home and was groaning about dinner. Dinner made and then I thought I would have the rest of the evening to work on this shawl. That fantasy was quickly interrupted with a phone call from my mother, and then an e-mail from my best friend and then packing my lunch for the next day. Before I knew it, midnight had rolled around. Lately it seems I've been getting most of my knitting done at work. Probably because its heavily air conditioned there (almost chilly actually!) and working with yarn is pleasant. At home, our little air conditioner could run all day long and there is no guarantee it will be any cooler inside than it is out. In fact some days its actually hotter in the house than it is outside! The VE shawl is shaping up to be a large project. Its gotten to the point that I can no longer keep it in my purse all day long, dragging it from place to place. The VE shawl as of the middle of July has been banished to the strictly at home knitting pile. Because of this I don't have it with me to take a picture of it now. I'll make an effort to post an update for it this weekend.

Lets have a chat about my yarn stash. If you recall a few months ago I posted in regards to the reprimand JB gave me over my yarn. "You are forbidden from bringing another inch of yarn home until you have used most of what you have!" And I promised I wouldn't buy any more until I used up a good portion of my stash. So, as promised I have been knitting away all summer with yarn from the pile. I made a whole pile of dishcloths which used up all but 2 of my Sugar n' Cream balls. I'm more than half way done with the VE shawl (There were 4 skeins of yellow for that, I'm on the 3rd now). I'm so close to finishing the Knitting Like Crazy KAL shawl that I can taste it! Those 2 skeins of lace baby alpaca are just about gone. I have also started crocheting that giant granny square baby blanket which has knocked out 3 skeins of Lion Brand's classic cotton. And last but not least, a crocheted lap top cover which I finished months ago but still haven't found the right button for. Some day I'll find it and post pictures. With all of that, a big portion of my stash has been eradicated. I was so proud of myself for sticking to it when suddenly.....disaster struck. I got the sock bug and I found a pattern I just couldn't live with out.

Stitch Nation's Adirondack Slipper Sock. They are beautifully knit and have a leather sole at the bottom sewn on. I can just picture myself wearing these to class on an October morning with some heavy tights and a big soft hoody. Right then and there I knew these were meant to be mine. So, since I couldn't help myself I went to A.C. Moore (where I had a coupon for $10 off a purchase!) and bought the supplies. 4 skeins of Stitch Nation's Full o' Sheep in Passionfruit, Thyme, Clementine, and Aquamarine.

Note that that pattern actually called for Hazelnut (a darker green than I used for the cuff) but A.C. Moore was out of the color. So I substituted! I figured I would just use Thyme for the cuff and substitute the Thyme in the pattern with Aquamarine. There isn't a whole lot of it used anyways! While I was knitting the ribbed cuff I was happy with my decision. However....

In the midst of moping about because of this color situation my focus drifted to another on going project. Re-doing my craft room! I'm not sure "re-do" is the right word for it. I really didn't have a craft room before (and frankly the word room is an exaggeration too. Its more like a corner.) just a pile of craft stuff in my sunroom and supplies all over the house. Several weeks ago I resolved to make an official craft space in my sunroom with a desk and shelves and the whole deal. I was able to justify this to JB by explaining that it would double as an area to do my school work and I would get all my crafty stuff off the floor. Since then I have cleaned the sunroom top to bottom and rounded up all my crafty stuff and began the search for the perfect storage pieces. Up to yesterday I had found a chair. Its a cute chair! I painted it white and reupholstered the seat with some pretty fabric. The whole thing cost me under $10. Yesterday however I stumbled across the perfect desk. I wanted something unconventional and unique, but also sturdy, cheap, and functional. An antique wood ironing board actually found me at the thrift store yesterday. It was hanging folded up on the wall and I was about to walk right past it. As I was passing the stars aligned and the universe sang and this ironing board opened up and bumped me in the head. I pulled it off the wall, stood it up and fell in love. Its made out of natural oak, no stain or paint to be found.

Me: "What a perfect desk you will make!"
Ironing Board: "Why thank you, you can take me home now."
Shop Keeper: $10 please.
Me: "Woot!"
Ironing Board: "I will also fit in your tiny car."
Shop Keeper: "Thank you!"

So maybe I exaggerated that a little. The ironing board really did speak to me, metaphorically though.

(Note: I did not take this picture. But this is exactly what my ironing board looks like)

I'm thinking about painting the legs white, but I haven't committed to the decision yet. It's still in my car right now, I dawdled around all yesterday evening and just haven't gotten around to putting it up. My next mission will be to find a shelving unit with cubbies or something similar. The room is a disaster right now, so I won't post anything until I'm done with it.

I'm crazy excited about this ironing board. I can't seem to find any store that carries the Hazelnut color in Full o' Sheep and I'm nearing the end of my stash busting journey. It's been a good week.

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