Saturday, August 6, 2011

"Dear Knits" Needle Envelope

Since I got my sewing machine in December I havn't posted much about it. The last needle roll up I made was getting a little tattered and didn't even come close to holding all my needles. It's time for a new one. With this new design I had some things to consider. I needed something sturdy that I can tote around with me me. I use more circular needles and DPNs than anything else, the last organizer was really only meant for straight needles. I have a few favorite needles that get used all the time so I don't really need to bring all my needles with me all the time. My least favorite thing about the wrap I made last time were the pockets. You would get all your needles snuggled in with the wrap laying flat and then when you rolled it up, you had to do it just right or the taller needles would flop out the side. This time, I decided a wrap just wasn't for me. This is what I came up with.

I call it the "Dear Knits" Needle Envelope. Its a prototype and I think I'll make a more quality version this weekend, but I am very happy with the design. For this one I played around with different seam allowances and styles, a little bit of decorative stitching and some different quilting ideas.

The "envelope" will close securely with velcro in the finished version. The button is pureley decorative, sewn on with some fancy silver thread.

Here is the envelope unfolded. There are 8 pockets for DPNs, and 4 pockets for circular needles.  Some changes I will be making include the height of the pockets. They should be deep enough so that you cannot see the average DPN sticking over the top. The back circular needle pockets are shorter than the front ones so that you can easily store and find smaller lengths (8-16 inch).

The whole envelope is padded with extra stiff batting and all the seams (with the exception of the decorative edging) are double stitched for durability. This design seems to be really sturdy. The way I have been carrying it around is to close it up and fold it in half. I think I may put snaps on the back to accommodate that. The finished product will also have the Knit Spiffy logo on the little ribbon tag at the top. They should be up on etsy some time next week.

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