Sunday, August 7, 2011

Super Sock Sunday 2011

     Another football season is rolling around and my Sunday's will soon be filled with football parties and game day potlucks at friend's houses. I've never been a huge fan of football, but JB is and we tend to do lots of entertaining this time of year. I can get into the spirit of it all pretty easily but it helps if I've got some knitting to get excited about too. For the last 2 years socks have been the perfect game day project. They are small and easy to carry, only need about 1 ball of yarn, and don't require a lot of counting and complicated pattern stitches. Start a few top down socks on small circs and you're well on your way to participating in Super Sock Sunday! The rules are simple. You can knit along with me or choose your own pattern. Super Sock Sunday 2011 will start August 14th and continue every Sunday through the end of the football season at the conclusion of the Super Bowl. Usually I knit Sunday nights with out fail because JB always has the game on, but if the Steelers play during the week JB and I and often a few friends are cheering them on (and knitting up the heel flap of my latest sock). Its quite a productive way to keep yourself busy. Cheer on your team and add some warm, fuzzy socks to your drawer.

Here is my queue for Super Sock Sunday 2011. There is no particular time line for finishing each project. Just get as many as you can done before the Super Bowl. I try to stay away from a lot of colorwork with my selections so I don't have to drag around too many balls of yarn with me.

1. Blueberry Waffle Socks
By: Sandy Turner
You can find the pattern for free here. It is also available from Ravelry.
I knit these socks every year and they are always my favorite. This year they are at the top of the list.
2. Hello Sunshine Socks
By: Faili
The free pattern is available here. 
These are another easy to knit sock that comes out really cute.
3. Mr. Pitt's Socks
By: Kaitlyn Wong
The pattern can be found here.
These are great guy socks. JB will love them and maybe even not pester me about knitting instead of watching the game while I make these.
4. Little Arrow Socks
By: Susan Brugger
You can grab the pattern here fore free.
Thats a pretty good start! I'm gonna try and wrap up both of my shawls this month too! Its time to finish some of these projects!
Send me a comment if you want to knit along with me! You will be entered into all the August giveaways!

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